Cooramin Solegra

Bay mare, born 2014


Sire: Negro

Dam: CK Santolini (by Sir Donnerhall)

Will join the Cooramin broodmares in 2020

Callum Park Zara

Black mare, born 2014


Sire: Zonik

Dam: Vedette De Feiner Stern (Feiner Stern/Rubinstein)

Dam of C Del aRouge (by De Niro) and C Disneyland (by Danone)

In foal to Danone for 2020

Totara K

Black mare, born 2011

Sire: Totilas

Dam: Flowervale Sandrena (Sandreo x Metall)

Will join the Cooramin broodmare herd in 2020

HV Wildfire

Chestnut, 16.1hh, 2002


Sire: Weltmeyer

Dam: Double TT Klass (Royal champion anglo by Penmarric Killarney)

Dam of C Rolls Royce (now known as Wyandah Rolly)(by Regardez Moi), C Redwood Hit (by Royal Hit), C Ladymeyer (by Lord Sinclair), C Brindabella (by Belissimo), C Hemingway (by Hohenstein), C Furstenfire (by Furstenball), C Furstenblume (by Furstenball), C Florian (by Furstenball) and C Fairylights (by Furstenball).

In foal to Furstenball for 2020

Cooramin Sandro Shimmer

Brown filly, born 2012


Sire: Sandro Hit

Dam: Hunterview Florencia (by French Kiss)

Dam of C Dancecard (by De Niro), C Despacito (by De Niro) and C Delightful (by Bluefields Dankeschoen

Not in foal for 2020

Cooramin Furstin Bell

Brown filly, born 2013

Arabian Warmblood

Sire: Furst Love

Dam: Aloha Crystal Bell (Talquah Talik x Queen of Bells)

Dam of C Don Braveheart (by Don Dancier) and C Sayonara (by Stedinger)

In foal to Stedinger for 2020

Cooramin Goldabell

Palomino filly, born 2015

GRP x anglo

Sire: Golden Rock

Dam: Aloha Crystal Bell (Talquah Talik x Queen of Bells)

Dam of C Nobel Prize (by Noble Dancer)

In foal to Noble Dancer for 2020

Cooramin Daydream Believer

Chestnut filly, born 2016

Arabian Warmblood

Sire: De Niro

Dam: Aloha China Bell (Aloha Kaaba x Aloha Desert Bell by Arabian Park Desert Dashar)

In foal to Totilas for 2020

Cooramin Fantine

Bay filly, born 2016


Sire: Furstenball

Dam: Cooramin Ruby Hit (Royal Hit x Cooramin Bedazzled by Aloha Bobby Dazzler)

In foal to Bellissimo for 2020

Cooramin Dancecard

Brown filly, born 2016


Sire: De Niro

Dam: Cooramin Sandro Shimmer (Sandro Hit x Hunterview Florencia by French Kiss)

In foal to Fidertanz for 2020

Hillbreeze Shemozzle

Liver chestnut mare, born 2008


Sire: Sir Donnerhall

Dam: by Whisper

Dam of Cooramin Santinegro (by Negro) and C Fioretta (by Furstenball)

In foal to Furstenball for 2020


Hillbreeze Rapture

Chestnut, 16hh, 2008


Sire: Rotspon

Dam: by Carbide, out of a mare by Walt Disney

Dam of C Stagelights, C Shine (both by Sir Donnerhall) and C Flying Colours (by Furst Love)

In foal to Furst Love for 2017

Aloha China Bell (sold)

Bay filly, born 2012


Sire: Aloha Kaaba (Aloha Zar x Talquah Talik)

Dam: Aloha Desert Bell (Arabian Park Desert Dashar x Queen of Bells)

Dam of Cooramin Daydream Believer (by De Niro)

Byalee Mandolin (sold)

Black/Brown, 151cm, 2005


Sire: Medallion

Dam: Byalee Flute (Salute)

Dam of C Fairytale (by Fiji R), C Nottingham (by Hilkens Nougat Cream), C Napoleon (by Hilkens Nougat Cream) , C Narnia (by Hilkens Nougat Cream), C Kingfisher (by Kennedy WE), C Gazelle (by Golden Rock) and C Fable (by Furst Love)


Cooramin Ruby Hit

Liver chestnut filly, born 2012

Arabian Warmblood

Sire: Royal Hit

Dam: Cooramin Bedazzled (anglo by Aloha Bobby Dazzler)

Dam of Cooramin Fantine (by Furstenball)


Bradgate Park Bettina

Bay, 15hh, 2006

Sire: Brentano II

Dam: Bradgate Park Replica (Royal Diamond)

Beautifully bred, but small enough to breed amazing dressage ponies!

Dam of C. Glitterati (by Golden Rock), C. Goldleaf (by Golden Rock) and C Serengeti (by Sandro Hit)

SOLD (foal will still be available through Cooramin)

CK Santolini (sold)

Chestnut mare, born 2010

Arabian warmblood

Sire: Sir Donnerhall

Dam: Double TT Klass

Dam of Cooramin Solegro and C Nilegro (both by Negro)

SOLD in foal to Finest

Aloha Crystal Bell (dec)

Chestnut, 16hh, 1991
Sire: Talquah Talik
Dam: Queen of Bells

National champion show mare
Full sister to FEI horses Aloha Bobby Dazzler and Aloha Bolero
Half sister to Aloha Titan, Heather’s FEI horse, and Aloha Tammuz (Grand Prix)
Dam of PS Lah Dee Dah, winner of AWHA Gala Day Supreme Champion Foal 2006

Dam of Cooramin Don Aloha (by Don Ramiro), Cooramin Jack (by Belcam Coalac), Cooramin Furstin Bell (by Furst Love) and Cooramin Goldabell (by Golden Rock)

Sadly deceased

Cooramin Bedazzled (dec)

Bay, 16.1hh, 1997


Sire: Aloha Bobby Dazzler

Dam: Gold Lot

Dam of Cooramin Royal William, C Ruby Hit, C Royal Dazzler (all by Royal Hit), C Feldspar (by Furst Love) and C Noble Dazzler (by Noble Dancer)

NB Chirazz (sold)

Brown, 16hh, 2005


Sire: Jazz

Dam: Chosen Flight (Dam of Welt’s Flight)

Dam of Cooramin Furstin Fox (by Furst Love)


DP Debut (sold)

Bay, 17hh, 1996


Sire: Salute

Dam: Catherston Delrosia (imp) (Dutch Gold)

3/4 sister to DP Christopher
Was in work with Craig Barrett prior to being used as a broodmare

Dam of C Roxy Hit, C Rhapsody Hit, C Rialto Hit and C Raspberry Hit (all by Royal Hit)


Hunterview Florencia (sold)

Chestnut, 16.1hh, 2005


Sire: French Kiss

Dam: Double TT Klass (Royal champion anglo by Penmarric Killarney)

Dam of Cooramin Songbird and Cooramin Sandro Shimmer (both by Sandro Hit)

SOLD in foal to 00Seven

Double TT Klass (deceased)

Chestnut, 15.2hh, 1995


Sire: Penmarric Killarney

Dam: Kimberley Gem

Royal show champion and fantastic producer of quality foals, including fellow Cooramin mares HV Wildfire, HV Florencia and CK Santolini

Sadly deceased

PS Lah Dee Dah (deceased)

Chestnut, 16.1hh, 2005

Arabian Warmblood

Sire: Lontano

Dam: Aloha Crystal Bell

Sadly deceased before we could breed with her

Rotspon Rhythmnstyle (sold)

Bay/brown, 15.2hh, 2000


Sire: Rotspon

Dam: Spirit of Wisdom

Dam of Cooramin Bernini (by Belissimo M)


Brae Donleila (sold)

Dark brown, 16hh, 1997


Sire: Don Ramiro

Dam: Wintermaiden (Winterkoenig)

Dam of C Vanilla-Choc (by Copabella Visage), C Ramiro Hit (by Royal Hit) and C Riviera (by Riverside)

In foal to Riverside, due 29.11.11


Northern Linnea (sold)

Brown, 16hh, 1992
Sire: Falkland Victory
Dam: Fleet Lady XX

A lovely sweet-natured mare who is always willing to come up for a bit of attention
Dam of successful dressage competitors
Remarkable movement
Half sister to numerous FEI dressage horses

Dam of C Pippin (by Poetry in Motion) and C Renoir Hit (by Royal Hit)


Central Park Milan (sold)

Bay, 16.2hh, 2001
Sire: Mongraf (Monopol/Falkland)
Dam: by Moselfischer

Millie is a lovely people-oriented mare who is easy to do absolutely anything with
Half sister to C. Mon Starr
Full sister to Central Park Madonna
Was in work with Matthew Dowsley and working beautifully under saddle prior to being used as a broodmare

Dam of Cooramin Flamecrest (by Ferrero Rocher)


Pizzazz (sold)

Bay, 16hh, 1997
Anglo X
Sire: Gwaihir Aubusson
Dam: Yerunga Jessica

Competed elementary dressage and showed jumping talent under saddle
Easy to handle and strikingly marked
Sire showjumped with Colleen Brook, dam was Aust champion harness horse
Dam of Jive Talk, by Jive Magic

Dam of Cooramin Virtuoso (by Copabella Visage)

In foal to Byalee Briar, due 28.10.09


Glenwood Mystery (deceased)

Bay, 16.2hh, 1998
Sire: Lorentin (Lander)
Dam: Gypsy

Dam of Jirrima X-Roads, winner in D-grade at Qld state showjumping championships at 4yo
Dam of C Alabastarr (by Jaybee Alabaster) and C Condor (by Contenda)

Sadly deceased

Gold Lot (deceased)

Bay, 16.2hh, 1984
Sire: Bagalot
Dam: Shower of Gold

The original broodmare at Starr Performance Horses
Dam of Simbaz Dazzler (by Aloha Bobby Dazzler), Monolot (by Montora), Cooramin Bedazzled (by Aloha Bobby Dazzler), Cooramin Mon Starr (by Mongraf), Cooramin Gangstarr (Juke Box Baby) (by Mongraf) and Cooramin Trickstarr (by Mongraf)
A huge-moving mare that left a number of fantastic foals.

Sadly deceased

Simbaz Dazzler (sold)

Bay, 16hh, 1994
Sire: Aloha Bobby Dazzler
Dam: Gold Lot

Fantastic mover
Won numerous show championships as a youngster
Dam of Cooramin Jestarr (by Mongraf)